Help To End Child Trafficking

When you purchase your CBD from Astral, you not only support us in our mission to help people heal their minds, bodies and souls with the help of Mother Nature. You also help multiple organisations who works tirelessly to combat the horrendous crimes of Child Trafficking.

We care about the children. Our hearts beat with a deep concern for the children. They are the future. They represent the promise of tomorrow, and it is our solemn duty to guide and nurture them toward a brighter future of their own making. This commitment is etched into the very core of our being, and it drives us to not only aid these vulnerable children but also empower our customers to embrace a life enriched by the gifts of the natural world.

That's why we have decided to donate a portion of our profits to different carefully vetted organizations who works to combat child trafficking.

Our diligence in vetting these organizations is unwavering, ensuring that every penny reaches its intended destination, free from hidden fees. Moreover, we scrutinize their strategies, demanding a clear and robust plan to dismantle child trafficking.

Our commitment extends to transparency and we will provide you with documented evidence of our donations, and we remain flexible in our support and open to choosing different organizations as the need arises.

The children are innocent and should remain unscathed by harm. Their world should brim with safety, laughter, and nurturing care that helps them flourish into the finest versions of themselves.

By choosing Astral, you're not merely making a purchase - you are choosing life